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API is short for the American Petroleum Institute, API certification sub-system API monogram certification and product certification. The casing pipe with API monogram certification is high quality.

API monogram licenses are only issued after an onsite audit by the API to verify that the licensee conforms to the requirements of API Q1 (QMS Requirements for Oil and Gas Industry), and that 5CT & 5L products are produced under the control of a Q1 quality management system.

The oil casing is mainly used to support the wellbore during drilling and after completion to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the entire well after completion.



The products manufactured by our company have many advantages, the advantages will be shown as below:

1. Competitive price—Not the cheapest but the lowest at the same quality.

2. Good service—one-stop service, besides the casing & tubing, we can also other relative steel pipe and pipe fittings to you.

3. Delivery time—on-time delivery, lots of stock for standard size pipes. 

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