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Varnish painting Casing pipe

Oil casing pipe is a steel pipe that used to support the oil and gas well wall, to ensure that the drilling process and after the completion of the normal operation of the entire oil well. Each well according to different drilling depth and geological conditions, to use a few layers of casing pipes. In order to increase the resistance of steel casing pipe in corrosion environment, Octal offers different types of coating systems to protect against from the corrosive and abrasion break.

Specification of the casing

Outer Diameter: 1/8” to 60” (10.3mm to 1500mm)
Thickness: SCH10 to SCH160 (2.11mm to50.01mm, 0.083” to 2”)
Length: 20FT, 40FT, from 5 meter to 18meters, or customized.
Ends process: Plain Ends, Beveled Ends, Threaded Ends
Outside Coating: Blacking painting, Varnished, FBE line pipe, 3PE line pipe, Polyethylene layers coating line pipe


KPE manufacturer in China, with high quality and competitive prices.

Furthermore, we offer:

a. Common sizes in stock.
b. Small quantity with different sizes.
c. Customized Length.
d. Fast delivery.
e. Big diameters seamless steel pipe. (Original seamless pipe in 20” 508 mm OD) Hot expanded to diameter up to 40 in, 1016 mm.
f. Material guaranteed high quality with full traceability.

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