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The screen casing pipe is installed at the bottom of seamless or welded steel pipes in oil wells, water wells, geothermal wells, brine wells etc. for the separation of liquid and gravel in formation. Due to the differences in formation structure, gravel granularity, and liquid viscosity, the screen casing pipe required also varies in the hole and slot size and shape.

In recent years, the demand for this product increasingly grows with the rapid development of oil and mining industry, the maturing of oil well drilling technology in desert regions. The rise of large-scale offshore oil production. as well as the booming development of geothermal wells, brine wells and deep wells.

The traditional well drilling, casing laying and blasting perforation technology cannot adapt to the complex terrain and meet the needs of high efficiency and high return modern drilling and production .our screen pipe has been widely applied to underground liquid exploitation in the mining industry. it overcomes the difficulty in cutting hole and slot and meets the high precision requirements of hole and slot size and shape.

The products are widely used in oil exploration for effective sand prevention in old wells, newly drilled oil wells, exploration (test) wells, offshore oil exploration wells, horizontal wells, Sidetrack wells etc. it can also be found in geothermal wells, brine wells, and daily water wells. The general vertical shaft adopts circular slotted or perforated screen casing pipe instead of blasting perforated type which may lead to many troubles. Our product is preferred by customers both at home and abroad.

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