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Product features of Special size casing pipe

Casing is the major structural component of a well. Casing is needed to:

1)Maintain borehole stability  

2) Prevent contamination of water sands

3) Isolate water from producing formations  

4) Control well pressures during drilling, production, and workover operations

Casing provides locations for the installation of:

1) Blowout preventers

2) Wellhead equipment

3) Production packers

4) Production tubing

Casing pipe is the major structural component of a well. TheAPI 5CT Casing pipe is a large-diameter steel pipe that serves as the structural retainer for the walls of oil and gas wells, and typically held into place with cement.


1. Casing pipe strictly according to API ISO9001 standard, it’s high quality casing pipe.

2. Before order to be confirmed, the raw material of casing pipe and tool joint body should be booked from famous big steel enterprises in China.

3. Casing pipe and tool joint of checked by our QC staff and factory own laboratory.

4. Every casing pipe has nondestructive inspection, cleaned and breach oil before packing

5. 24 hours online customer service, feel free contact us.


1. Durable, strict quality management and control, we are an ISO9001 enterprise.
2. High precision machining equipment guarantee good quality.
3. Smooth surface. No defects. Continuous skill improvements.
4. Quick delivery, competitive Chinese price. Low MOQ.
5. Good service, when customers have problems during use, we will surely try our best to solve them.
6. High professional employees have good emergency-dealing ability during production.
7. Surface treatment can be nickel, galvanized and painted, or based on the requirements of customers.

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