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Perforated casing pipe

This kind of casing pipe is mainly used for the application of oil reservation layer without much sand or for application of prevents the rock bits dropping off the well bore. This type of casing product can be used for sand rock and carbonate oil reservation. Specially used for horizontal oil well. We can drill standard or customized hole size in any number and pattern.

Perforated casing is designed for creating direct link between the well bore and the producing formation through punched holes in the casing and the cement sheath that surrounds it. It is usually used as a protect casing or supporting pipe of other well screens, such as pipe-based wire wrapped screen The size and distribution of perforated hoses pose a direct impact on well productivity.


1. Standard: API 5CT, API 5L, ASTM, JIS

2. Outside Diameter: 2 3/8″-20″(60.3mm-508mm)

3. Wall Thickness: Less than 16mm

4. Pipe/Tube Length: R1, R2, R3(According to customers’ actual demands)

5. Pipe/Tube thread: NUE, EUE, BTC, STC, LTC, etc.

6. Holes OD: 5-100mm

7. Distribution types of holes: straight in line pattern, staggered pattern, spiral pattern etc.

8. Holes number: As per customer’s requirement

9. Holes shape: Any kinds of holes shapes.

10. Slot number: As per customer’s requirement

11. Blind space: As per customer’s requirement

Technical Parameters


1. Unique structure, high strength, compressive resistance and impact.

2. The innerwall is smooth, large discharge.

3. Convenient connection, joint sealing, no leakage.

4. Light weight, convenient construction, reduce the cost.

5. Polyethylene belongs to hydrocarbon polymers, molecular polarity, resistance to acid and alkali


BV, SGS, ROHS etc.


Generally speaking the inside is packed by plastic membrane, the outside is packed by non-woven fabrics, then we bundled them by steel strip, also we can pack them according to customers’ demands.

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