Interesting colour code for tubing, casing and coupling

Tubing, casing and coupling should be sprayed with color code to distinguish different grades of steel. The color code of tubing pipe and casing pipe is to spray the color ring at the distance of more than 600 mm from any end. The coupling is [...]

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About N80 Oil Casing

N80 oil casing is an important equipment for oil drilling. Its main equipment includes drill pipe, core pipe and casing, drill collar and small diameter drilling pipe. Domestic casing is made of hot-rolled or cold-drawn steel for geological drilling.

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Anticorrosion measures for oil casing

The impurities in petroleum products are easy to cause corrosion of oil casing, and the main component of these impurities is sulfide. Sulfide can react with water in oil to produce a large amount of hydrogen sulfide in petroleum. Hydrogen sulfide has reducibility and acidity, resulting in serious corrosion of petroleum equipment. In addition, there are a large number of other chemical impurities in the oil, which also largely caused the corrosion of petroleum equipment.

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Classification and function of casing

The casing is a steel pipe supporting the shaft wall of oil and gas well. According to different drilling depth and geological conditions, each well should use several layers of casing.

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Failure analysis of oil casing

Oil well pipe is connected by threads. Therefore, in addition to the strength of the threaded pipe, it also requires a certain degree of air tightness and durability.

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The classification of casing and tubing in API 5CT

Except that the six steel grade pipes of L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, C90-1, C90-2, T95-1, T95-2 must be made of seamless pipes, other steel grade pipes can be made of longitudinally welded pipes by electric resistance welding or electric induction welding.

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The casing pipe used for encase and protect pipe

Casing pipe is most often used for underground boring to encase and protect pipe. During horizontal underground boring projects under streets, highways, railroads, rivers, and streams, steel casing pipe can be jacked in segments into an augured hole. The casing pipe segments are then connected together by welding or by using special connections. Another commonly used practice for installing casing pipe is to weld the pipe into a ribbon and then to pull the pipe directionally through a previously drilled hole. This can be used to install casing pipe under highways, railroads, lakes, and rivers.

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