API 5CT C110 seamless Casing

API C110 seamless casing is a controlled yield strength grade generally used in deeper sour condensate wells. SSCC testing is required for each heat to meet a threshold stress of 85% of specified minimum yield strength.

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API 5CT J55 Casing

API 5CT J55 casing is a kind of large diameter pipes used for the drilling. API 5CT J55 casing diameter we offer ranges from 4.5 inch to 16 inch.

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API 5CT T95 oil Casing

API 5CT T95 oil casing and tubing specification: API 5CT T95 oil casing pipe diameter we offer ranges from 4.5 inch to 16 inch. API 5CT T95 oil tubing pipe diameter ranges from 1.05 inch to 4.5 inch.

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API 5CT Water well casing pipe

Installing properly casing is an essential component in the drilling casing and completion process. Well casing pipe consists of a series of metal pipes installed inside the freshly drilled hole.

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API 5CT Conductor Casing

Conductor casing is installed first, usually prior to the arrival of the drilling rig. The hole for conductor casing is often drilled with a small auger drill, mounted on the back of a truck.

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API 5B thread casing

Casings are pipe run from the surface with the purpose of lining the walls of a drilled well. API Buttress thread casings may be furnished with a buttress thread and with or without coupling.

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How to Cement Well with Casing

In order to reinforce the wellbore, ensure safe drilling, seal oil, gas and water layers, ensure stratified testing during exploration and ensure reasonable oil and gas production during the whole exploitation process, we put in high-quality casing pipe, and fill the annulus between the wellbore [...]

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