Casing pipe’s function during the construction process

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Casing pipe’s function during the construction process

Casing pipe is one kind of product that used in the oil industry .It plays an important role in convey oil in the oil industry.Casing pipe cemented in place during the construction process to stabilize the wellbore.

Casing pipe's function during the construction process

The casing forms a major structural component of the wellbore and serves several important functions: preventing the formation wall from caving into the wellbore, isolating the different formations to prevent the flow or crossflow of formation fluid, and providing a means of maintaining control of formation fluids and pressure as the well is drilled. The casing string provides a means of securing surface pressure control equipment and downhole production equipment, such as the drilling blowout preventer (BOP) or production packer.

Casing is available in a range of sizes and material grades. Casing is large diameter pipe that is assembled and inserted into a recently drilled d form designed to provide a tight hydraulic seal. The thread form is similar to that of  threads, EUE, IF, Full Hole and others, the force is transmitted almost parallel to the axis and thread is about the same strength as standard v threads.

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