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API 5CT Water well casing pipe

Installing properly casing is an essential component in the drilling casing and completion process. Well casing pipe consists of a series of metal pipes installed inside the freshly drilled hole. Casing strengthens the sides on the nicely hole, ensures that no oil or natural gas seeps out on the Well hole because it is brought towards the surface, and keeps other fluids or gases from seeping into the formation by means of the well. A great deal of planning is necessary to make sure that the correct casing for each well is installed. The type of casing utilized will depend on the subsurface qualities in the well, such as the diameter of the well plus the pressures and temperatures skilled all through the properly. The diameter from the nicely hole is dependent upon the size on the drill bit made use of.


Grade API 5CT H40 Casing Pipe for water well
External thickness “4 1/2- 20”inch, (114.30- 508.00 mm)
Wall thickness 5.21-16.13 mm
Thread form BC(buttress casing),LC( long casing),SC(short casing)
Function used for protecting pipeline

KPE provides steel water well casing of the highest quality in the most widely used sizes, specifications and grades.

KPE offers steel water well casing from only the best producers of ERW ASTM A 53B, ASTM A 500B, and ASTM A589 Type 4. KPE water well casing has a metallurgy that is specifically targeted to the needs of the steel water well casing industry. Our steel water well casing specifications, although within the scope of ASTM, are further tweaked to achieve high yield strengths without sacrificing superior welding characteristics. KPE steel water well casing is manufactured with a 30″ beveled end finish with square, flat lands for hassle free on-sight welding. Threaded and coupled casing is often available upon request.


Casing pipe is used for oil, gas and water wells. Steel casing pipe and tubing are applied to furnishing and installing cased tunnels, where they indicate to pass other utilities or obstructions without open excavation. Steel casing pipe and tube have smooth wall and a minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi. Corrosion-proofing water-based paint is applied on the outside pipe surface to protect against atmospheric corrosion during transportation and storage. The pipes can be delivered with metal or composite caps at both ends for thread protection. Casing pipes are manufactured out of steel are smelted in the electric furnace, treated with synthetic slags and cast by continuous casters. The applied steel making process ensures the achievement of chemically pure steel with reference to phosphor contents providing high tensile, ductility and corrosion resistance properties of pipes to be operated at low temperatures in various corrosion media. Pipes are heat-treated in a computerized walking beam furnace.

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