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API 5CT T95 oil Casing

T95 steel grade can be divided into T95-1 and T95-2.We have the ability to detect the whole process and fully guarantee the high quality of products.

API 5CT T95 oil casing and tubing specification: API 5CT T95 oil casing pipe diameter we offer ranges from 4.5 inch to 16 inch. API 5CT T95 oil tubing pipe diameter ranges from 1.05 inch to 4.5 inch. 

API 5CT T95 oil casing advantages: API 5CT T95 oil casing has fixed the role of oil and gas oil casing or hole. API 5CT T95 oil casing is inserted into the hole and fixed with cement, in order to prevent the borehole and separated strata borehole collapse, and ensure the drilling mud circulating flow.
API 5CT T95 oil casing application: Oil casing pipe is mainly used in the drilling process and after the completion of borehole wall support, to ensure that the drilling process and after completion of the normal operation of the oil Wells. Main pipe will be well at the bottom of the oil and gas transmission to the ground.

 Oil casing is the important lifeline for maintaining oil wells’ operation. But geographical environment is totally different in different areas and the connection of underground force is very complex. A variety of forces acting on the pipeline together, for example: tension, pressure, bending and twisting stress, all of which require oil casing should reach a higher level of quality. Oil casing‘s damage for some reason will cause the oil wells’ production decline; some time seriously it will make well abandonment. So our company produces C90 steel grade oil casing strictly according to the API 5CT standards.

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