API 5CT 5 1/2″ Seamless Casing

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API 5CT 5 1/2″ Seamless Casing

5 1/2″ OD Range 2 length Seamless Casing Grade J-55 17 lbs per ft quality, With API BT&C thread connection, With HD plastic thread protectors, Mfg as per API 5CT specs. Comes with MTRS at shipment.

Quantity: 250,000 FT Beside this full range of OCTG casing tubing line pipe available from 1/2″ OD to 60″ OD in various weights grades and connection.


Type: Seamless Casing.
Material: API 5CT J55.
Weight: 17.00 BL/FT.
Size: 5 1/2 Inch.
Length: Range 3.

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